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As a team, the primary goal of Tallassee Fire Department is to prevent fires and protect lives and property. This is done through continuous training by the highly motivated fire fighters that work together in order to bring a situation full of chaos back to order.

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The Few Dedicated To The Many

Tallassee Fire Department is located in Tallassee, Alabama, near the banks of the Tallapoosa River in Elmore and Tallapoosa Counties. Members of the fire department provide fire suppression, extrication, rescue, hazardous materials response and respond to other emergency situations when called to duty in the city and surrounding areas.

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Tallassee Fire Department was founded around 1963 by volunteers who saw the need for an organized fire protection plan and the services are carried out to this day by dedicated volunteers who receive no compensation for their services other than the satisfaction of a job well done.

The Tallassee Fire Department currently has a Class 5/9 ISO rating. Their response area covers parts of Elmore, Southern Tallapoosa, and Northern Macon Counties. Members of the department are required to attend the Fire Fighter 160 hour training course.

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